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Safety of women in India: The big question

by Gulzar Hussain, Mumbai(India), March 11, 2013

The safety of women in India is now becoming the big question. Anti-women violence in the country is not slowing down. Feelings of insecurity in women are increasing. Everybody knows that Delhi gang rape case has shook the entire nation last year. The women raised questions about their safety. Country's women and youth were in anger, but all 'fire' gradually became 'cold'. Incidents of rape are again making headlines in newspapers. The sexual crimes are spread in the entire country. Incidents of rape in many places of the country are coming up. Now the big question here is about the safety of women.

All political statements about the safety of the girls do not see here special preparation. Rape, molestation and other sexual crimes have increased in many areas of the country. Last year, the incidents of rape in Haryana also raised questions. After the incidents the police appeared and dynamic leaders, ministers and MPs had opened their mouths. Similarly Delhi rape case was largely opposed by the entire country. We have to get ahead in education and wealth, but all this development seem to be valueless, when we see how our society has grossly become male dominant. Our so-called civilized society is completely anti-woman.

India Today Cover 2005

Many times, many educated - politicians and officers have also commented on women's dresses. They say what girls should wear or not wear. Everybody knows that only men are involved in such crimes against women like rape, molestation and dowry death, but the girls are expected to handle that. Sometimes various religious leaders say against girls. They say that the girls should not talk on mobile phones. They say that the girls should marry earlier. It is the only form of patriarchal society. Mobile phones away from the girls, getting married at a young age and teaching simple dress code mean that their paths are in the process of laying the forks.

More rights for girls and women in India to live in safety! photos: Su-Kyung Han

These anti-women thinking means that girls imprisoned in homes may be torn books by her hands. Now girls in offices and other areas in step works. Then how is it possible that she lives without mobile or internet facilities etc. Taliban recently attacked a Pakistani girl Malala. She was attacked because she was fighting for the rights of girls. The 14-year-old girl had become a thorn in the eyes of radicals, but they did not crush her confidence. It explains how the cruel face of religion and culture is conspiring against women.

Now the Indian's younger generation should think about women issue deeply. Indian youth is still angry, but some political forces do not remain it on a route. Political parties have very cleverly used the youth for their interests. Now the young people must make their way's themselves.

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