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Voice of Jammu Kashmir Peoples League

Srinagar/Kashmir, September 15, 2008

In a joint statement issued by chairman Jammu Kashmir Peoples League Sheikh Mohammad Yaqoob and Acting chairman Mukhtar Ahmad Waza said that since 1931 Kashmiris have given immense sacrifices for their just cause (freedom) and Kashmir is presently on boil and lot of blood has flown along the river Jehlum for which India and its sleuths are responsible by the methods of subjugation sentiment of Kashmiris cannot be killed which in time again has been proven by upcoming generation who have come to streets and have expressed their anguish democratically and peacefully but unfortunately contrary to it the Indian armed forces have applied all the methods of torture as to suppress the naïve Kashmiris from demanding their birth right – Right to Self Determination which has been guaranteed by United Nations Security council but the desecration of holy shrines in Kashmiris which are symbolic representation of our cult “SUFIYAT” which teaches us communal harmony, religious tolerance and non-violent behavior and is indicative of the fact that Kashmiris by nature are non-violent.

However, Indias myopic vision has made common peaceful people of Kashmir to expel their anguish through the means of peaceful protests. Therefore, time is ripe for Indians to remove the blinkers from their eyes and come to the reality that by advocating tripartite meaningful dialogue is the only way out to come from the prevailing mayhem. It is pertinent to mention that present world is run by economical and fiscal policies in which free trade agreement is necessary compulsion. For every country in the open market economy the third world countries for which India is the biggest and young market it is necessary to have perpetual peace because peace ushers prosperity and progress which can be guaranteed by the earlier resolution of long pending Kashmir imbroglio which is the nuclear flashpoint between the two nuclear powers (India and Pakistan) and solution of Kashmir can ensure permanent peace in south-Asia.

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