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Kashmiri Americans Chanted pro freedom slogans at UN Headquarters during Indian prime ministers address

KAC, New York, September 28, 2008

Kashmiri Americans undaunted by the heavy downpour remained firmly standing in the front of the United Nations headquarters to record their protest against Indian occupation and reminding Dr. Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India that his promise of zero tolerance has not seen the light of the day.  The demonstration was highly impressive and reverberating with the slogans of "Azadi."

Kashmiri Americans prostested against Indian occupation at the UN Headquarters in New York during Indian prime ministers address (September 26, 2008)
photo: Kashmiri American Council (KAC)

Protesters had come from different parts of the Untied States, like Chicago, Cleveland, Ohio, Akron, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. Virginia, Maryland, New York, New Jersey and Georgia to join the demonstration. Notables among the participants were Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan, Prime Minister, Azad Kashmir; Barrister Sultan Mehmood, President Jammu Kashmir Muslim Peoples League, Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai, Professor Nazir Shawl, Dr. Ghulam N. Mir; Capt. Khalid Shaheen, Sardar Sawar Khan, Hafiz Sabir and many others.

Protesters were carrying the placards demanding 'self-determination;' 'India Honor UN Pledges'; Stop Killings of Peaceful Protesters; Stop State Terrorism in Kashmir.

The participants also raised slogans having one singular theme that India quit Kashmir and allow the people of Kashmir to choose their political destiny.  All the Diaspora political parties showed unflinching faith in their goal for freedom.

Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan cautioned that Kashmir issue assumed a very special geostrategic importance, as it is a nuclear flash point. He urged the United Nations to help settle the issue of Kashmir in accordance with the wishes and aspirations of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

Barrister Sultan Mehmood implored that the sacrifices of the Kashmiri people will not be allowed to go waste.  The world will have to honor their determination for salvation and freedom.

Dr. Ghulam N. Mir pledged to support the cause of Kashmir till the people achieve their right to self-determination. He said that self-determination is non-negotiable.

Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai asked the international community to take notice of the massive dissent expressed by the people of Kashmir on the streets of the Valley by coming out in millions. 

Prof. Nazir Shawl congratulated the Kashmiri Americans for making the demonstration a grand success. This demonstration he said is a moral booster for those who have said no to Indian occupation.

Mr. Muzzamil Thakur gave an eye-witness account of the recent uprising in Kashmir.

Capt. Khalid Shaheen said that the role that the people of Azad Kashmir are playing in highlighting the issue is our moral and legal responsibility.

Sardar Sawar Khan appealed the audience to continue the struggle at the international level to impress upon the world community that Kashmiris will not accept anything short of self-determination.

Mr. Syed Faiz Naqashbandi elaborated the nature of the draconian laws operational in Occupied Kashmir for the last two decades which have given sense of impunity to the Indian solider in Kashmir.

Hafiz Mohammad Sabir said that the sacrifices of the people of Kashmir would not go in vain.  He asked the international community to come to rescue the people of Kashmir in their hour of need.

Other people who spoke included: Sardar Niaz Ahmed Khan; Sardar Irshad Ahmed Khan; Sardar Haleem Khan, Chaudhry Shaban and others.

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