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Gulf of uncertainty between India and Pakistan

Wider Gulf, enclosed Nations

by Ram Kumar Mishra, Mumbai & Kashmir(India), 25 February 2013

After the execution of Afzal Guru on February, 9, 2013 in accused of plotting the terror attack at Parliament House of India, many extremist organizations of the Pakistan organized Kashmir (P.O.K.) and even of the Kashmir (a state of India) had threatened to take revenge. Though the Central Government of India along with the States Governments have been alarmed by National Security Agencies like RAW and CBI that the few separatists and terror groups of P.O.K. are trying to disorder social harmony or they might do blast anywhere in the country. In spite of all those clues and alerts given by the agencies for national security threats the Central Government and the States Governments could not prepare such Bandobast (shield) which might prevent Hadarabad’s bomb blast incident.

photos: Haroon Qureshi (above), MID Azad Jammu & Kashmir (below)

In India, whenever the blast incidents have occurred, it has been taken in relation to Kashmir issue. Although in the very few cases, like Malegaon (a district Maharashtra state) bomb blast incident the Right Wings, which have been considered an extremist Hindu organizations like “Abhinav Bharat” are also accused, in the views of many Government security organizations and human rights commissions. Till the date many persons of the said right wing organization members are in judicial custody or facing trails. But in the most of the cases it has been taken like blast incidents, in relation of Kashmir, Partition of India and Pakistan and Minority (the Muslim Community) issues. After the parting of India and dawn of Pakistan as a Nation in 1947, commission after commission organized to solve the Kashmir dispute, but all efforts go in vain. Here It needs to answer from sitting Kashmir Chief Minister Mohammad Omar Abdullah and the Central Government of India that how to solve Kashmir issue or why so long term passed away to find out its solution. But the both are mum on this topic.

Today the youth of Kashmir is despair. He is disappointed about his future and seeing uncertainty around himself.  The three times war between India and Pakistan created a wider gulf between them and uncertainty of 66 years has stronger and darker.

photo: MZD Kashmir Desk

If in such long term the Kashmir dispute could not resolve completely, at least it was enough time to bring normalcy in Kashmir and in Indo-Pak Border area. Kashmiri (the citizens of Kashmir) is being seen as problematic, in this situation what they should do? How can be step forward in relating mutual dialogue to enable peace process, when Pakistan Government takes decisions by I.S.I. and separatists of POK, who want to grasp whole Jammu Valley.  Pakistan Government can bridge the gulf by breaking militancy in POK and Jammu-Kashmir.  It is most required to avoid enmity between India and Pakistan to be faith and cooperative atmosphere.     

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