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photo: Su-Kyung Han

A Fly Stuck in Blood and Pus

Summary of a novel by Akimun Rahman from Bangladesh

Frankfurt am Main, Oktober, 2005, Dr. Akimun Rahman

Akimun Rahman, the author of the novel "A Fly stuck in Blood and Pus", tells in an artistic way the story of Parveen Akter, the protagonist of the novel, who represents the crisis of a big numer of lower middle-class women in Bangladesh. Here in Bangladesh they lead a crippled life due to a particular Socio-economic condition.

Parveen Akter not an exeception. She was bound to live an unusua life caused by her abnormal family as well as socio-economic condition. In Bangladesh, women of lower middle class a labyrinthine life full of burdens. By bith, Parveen Akter also got such a living place where it was deeply believed that there were different types of spirits and supernatural forces, which controlled and directed people´s whole life. Shah Alam, the younger brother of Parveen, was a retarded boy; one widespread belif was that something supernatural had a great spell over him, and that´s why he was so abnormal. Here diseases were regarded either as "Gajab (curse) coming from Allah" or as hidden conspiracy of some enemies who engaged evil spirits out of jealousy. Parveen Akter started the journey of her life with all these burdens of poverty, social disgrace, negligence of the neighbours towards her retarded brother, negligence from her parents and the domination of her superstitious grand mother.


Though getting scope for education was very rare in her surroundings, accidentally Parveen Akter passed the secondary school certificate examination and got a job as a junior teacher at a primary school. But it did not changed her life. Everybody - including her neighbours and family members, blamed her as she failed to get suitable bridegroom. On the other hand, since her teenage she had been sexually abused sometimes by her distantly related sister, later by a man who lived with her family as one person dependent on them. At last the man who had promised to marry her, abandoned her after enjoying a lot of physical relationship with her. In this way Parveen slowly sank in the darkness and mire of the life Bangladesh.

photo: Su-Kyung Han

Day by day life seemed intenssly frustrating, she was to live, not for herself, but for her helpless grand mother and the retarded brother, who hab no other way out, except depending on her.

In this novel, the author aims at presenting a faithful picture of the lower middle class society of Bangladesh, whre Parveen Akter and many others like her lived a life of human animals.



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