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StrangerFestival: 1001 Video stories of young Europeans

Young European video talent shows what they have to say

Amsterdam, October 10, 2009

If you really want to know what makes young Europeans tick go to The website contains more than 1000 short video stories made by young people from across Europe. Their creativity contributes in making a new European narrative. The online video archive grows every day. Stranger Festival is an initiative of the European Cultural Foundation (ECF).

Video has an extraordinary power to cross and break borders. To give more young people the opportunity to develop their video making skills StrangerFestival runs video workshops in many European countries. An important part of StrangerFestival is research. Theme of the research is the use of new media by young Europeans, and the impact on public space, media and democratic processes.

“I want to express myself through videos more directly and with less fear. My work is going to be more outspoken and personal. Communication is the new art. We don’t create videos to hide behind them.” Dimitris Tsatsoulis, StrangerFestival participant. From the Demos’ research report Video Republic.

photo: Mark Groeneveld

From 13 to 17 October 150 young talented videomakers from Europe will travel to Amsterdam to participate in the StrangerAcademy. Video and film professionals will challenge them to improve their creativity and audiovisual skills and clearly establish the message of their story. With the StrangerFestival, the ECF wants to provide young people with a voice and encourage creative cultural exchange between young Europeans.


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