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Hungry Death in Bihar!

The death of 23 students’ in a government operated primary school in Bihar is an explicit death of equality in our society

by Ram Kumar Mishra, India, 21 July 2013

Every day parents drop their children into schools for changing their destiny; those children also go to school with a captivating smile on their lips. In the school way, some are humming small poem, some of them repeat tables or murmuring about the tasteless dish that they had not wanted to have this very morning that had been cooked by their poor mothers for them. Now, in some of those schools going children hoping relax that they will get a testy Kheer (a dish made of rice, milk, sugar and dry fruits) in lunch this day.

Location of Bihar, graphic: PlaneMad/CC

Actually, this is regular practice for the parents and children both. But; one day suddenly parents have been informed that their children’s lives are in great danger. They rushed to school where they had dropped their loving children before the few hours ago and when they reached in that un-resourced government operated primary school, they badly shocked to see that their children have no more…!

They come to know that those children had consumed a pesticide containing meal that had been distributed this noon. This tragic incident took place in a Chhapara district of Bihar dated in July 16, 2013. In this horrific incident 23 school children have lost their lives and more than 76 students are hospitalized. Let bygones, be bygones. Here this proverb fit to this matter because this is related from the very poor people of the society. After to this, Janata Dal United (J.D.U.) (a local political party) led state government and U.N.I.C.E.F. along with the national mid-day-meal scheme related higher authorities came forward to look into this matter and have given an order local authorities to file a report of the incident.

Actually many negative questions are arising here; and taking to Mid-day-meal scheme that are world’s largest scheme; hardly one has come out of the transparent discussion of it or to lay it on at any public base platforms. Many things are wrong in the way the mid-day-meal program is implemented in the country. Under this scheme about 12 crore children are given a hot meal every day in government led primary schools. This scheme, which has been running for more than 10 years, needs a radical overhaul. There is the biggest problem in this scheme is the lack of capability and competence for execution within the government, both in states and at the Centre. Over the last 10 years, annual spending for this program has increased from Rs. 700,000 crore to over Rs 3,000,000 crore today. The second large mistake rise with the local authorities. A district collector is responsible for over 150 schemes, this is much work load beyond his capacity to implementation and the number of employees, on the other hand, has almost remained the same for the last 20 years.

Times of India(TOI) reported on this issue on 21 July 2013.

Even today, the condition of primary schools and middle schools are very pessimistic and poor. This situation is worsened in rural areas of the country. But why it is so? Why a poor man can’t send his child into a better school for better education. Why the government operated schools are bearing the crisis of teachers and the children have to force to take meaningless and poor standard education that is useless to face their cruel life challenges. On the one side this society says that vis a vis student is not able to qualify vis a vis competition. They are ignored when they stand up to grasp, to find out that better opportunity perhaps that might change his fate, but pushed out from the queue of those lucky competitors who have gotten a costly education from a costly school and colleges.

I am sure, on this tragic incident of Chhapara district that if it were happening in any other private school made for millionaire’s children, the scene of course something different from the current situation. Because those children are from the very poor families, so a showcase drama will be played by the authorities and after some times this incident will vanish somewhere in the chaos.                           

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