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Himalayan tsunami in Uttarakhand !

A horrific natural disaster that swallowed uncounted lives

by Ram Kumar Mishra, India, 14 July 2013

Uttarakhand, a state of north India, constituted in November,9,2000; departing from Uttar Pradesh state. Having 13 districts of Uttar Pradesh and its beautiful capital Deharadun; had been avoiding for a long period of time, set on its journey of development after establishment. Before parting from Uttar Pradesh, its 13 districts were very far from the development programs, no matter it had run by the state government of Uttar Pradesh or Indian government. The utmost requirements for the living of life and the fundamental rights were daydream to the citizens of those 13 districts’.

After years’ of un-breakable violence and non-violent protests and regular demands for a separate state were rising in its villages to cities. The central government of India in 2001 had given her nod to establish a separate state named Uttarakhand; into the lap of Himalaya Mountain. This state having its richest environmental diversity and hundredth of hill spots, picnic spots, lakes, parks, big and small rivers, most popular and worshiped Hindu shrines of holy Kedarnah and Badrinath, hub of religious and Vedic institutes, origin places of holy river the Ganga that is called “Gangotri” and holy river the Yamuna that is called “Yamunotri” along with other so many such rivers, for which it has also popular amongst the common Hindu believers as the “Land of the God”, began her journey of development and begun to gave a shape of the dreams that were still inanimate in eyes of its honest citizens.

What horrific happened on occasion of “Ganga Avataran” (the day on which Ganga descend to earth)

On June, 16 and 17 in Uttarakhand a horrific natural disaster was triggered by excessive heavy rainfall of more than 220 mm in Kedarnath valley. The cause of this unexpected cloudburst and landslides in a major way in a specific environmental sensitive zone and the center of faith has been turned into a burial ground of Kedarnath valley. It was like doomsday, when there were no hopes of life, no signs had been seen by those, who were stranded in that deadly valley of Kedarnath. A pilgrim tells expressing his experience that just three miles further across the Kedar dome mountain peak like Charbari glacier. On this day the rain appears to have breached this glacier, sending a huge torrent of ices, rocks, mud and water across the mountain engulfing the Kedarnath town. The sudden cloudburst and landslides leads to heavy destructions in the valley. Due to excessive rainfall rivers were overflowing. On the shore of those rivers Houses, Hotels, Motels, Shops and many other government and private properties were demolished into that deadly flow.

Location of Uttarakhand, graphic: PlaneMad/CC

Loss in this natural calamity, Counted and Uncounted:

Taking to this natural disaster of Uttarakhand central government of India has filed a report with the Supreme Court saying in that 99 thousand persons were evacuated from the flood hit areas of the various districts. In this disaster 200 villages were brutally affected where more than 2,232 houses were demolished. There are 3,727 villages where electric and water supply stopped, 1642 roads, 154 bridges were destroyed and communication services are also stopped.The Keadarnath shrine premise was covered with debris of rocks and mud underneath that shine of holy shrine has also buried.  Uttarakhand Legislative Assembly Speaker Mr. Govind Singh Kunjwall had said that it is a mass disaster in the state and the death toll could be more that 10,000 by seemingly.

Against this statement of Speaker, state’s chief minister Mr. Vijay Bahuguna has said that how could he (Govind Singh) assume the loss of lives in such way, though he has no believable records of deaths. The state’s chief minister Mr. Vijay Bahugana has said that the death toll into this natural calamity could reach about 1000, though more than 3000 people are missing. The numbers of deaths have been shown by the records of dead bodies that are recovered from the debris. But, what about with that dead bodies that have not recovered still. The officials say that those dead bodies might be recovered in coming days. This question shuts the mouths of the ministers and authorities. Government of India has said that those persons who were recorded under missing, if they were not being found till July, 15,2013 were understood dead. If it is so, then the number of deaths surely will increase after July, 15, because more that 3000 people are missing in the government record.

During this natural calamity; another major accident had happened. In June, 25  chopper had crashed due to the vague atmosphere of the valley, during the rescue and evacuation operation for the helpless people who were saved from their fate. In this accident 20 people along with soldiers, rescue team members have pathetically lost their lives. No one could save into this crucial accident of all those who were boarded into that chopper.

Do not play with Nature:

It is seen that when so ever such natural calamities had happened;  it may  be anywhere in globe no way, related and affected country or the related government put their hands into the air and say no to play with Nature again, but further to this? Passing with the time, all are started again, teasing the natural phenomenon, its bio-diversity, meaningless and mean selfish efforts to mold the natural cycle by own way to own self. Trillions of dollars were being spent into uncertain projects that is meaningless to a vast number of human beings, that are proposed only for a handful persons. If we want to stop all this we should think again about our self desire and have to leave this false egoistic road race in that we crushed cruelly our beautiful nature.        

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